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Alentejo cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in Portuguese cuisine. Certainly because the Alentejo is the largest of regions of Portugal. Alentejo cuisine, based on the tripod bread, pork and olive oil, is characterized by its wealth of ingredients and, above all, spices. For excellence, the Alentejo kitchen is a cuisine of aromas.

Among the herbs and spices most used in Alentejo cuisine are coriander, parsley, rosemary, oregano, pennyroyal and the mint. Which is why it is known throughout the country as one of the tastiest.

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It all starts with soup
From the popular Açorda Alentejo to the most exquisite dishes, passing through the indispensable codfish , you eat very well around here. Traditional Alentejo cuisine is based on bread, olive oil, and in pork (lard, offal, meat) and seasoning (garlic, onion, vinegar, smells).
Connoisseurs and gourmets repeat in specialized magazines what we know when tasting these delicious plates. A cooked accompanied by a red wine from Alentejo is always a must.

Wine and Cheese
These are chapters that should be seen separately... Alentejo cheeses, made with sheep's milk, are famous for their flavor. Such as cheeses from Évora, Serpa, Nisa, Borba, to name the most appreciated.
Want to know more about wines? Follow the links below: Alentejo Wines and < strong>Cheese of Portugal.

A cuisine of the sea

Essential influence of the sea, with its varied products. Various cultural influences. Everything contributes to enrich the experience and gastronomic practice in Portugal. From popular "snacks" to gourmet cuisine. See also: 7 wonders of Portuguese gastronomy.

Vacations and Cuisine

Fish Cod, sea bass, grouper, monkfish, sardines and shellfish. According to the opinion of many experts, fish caught off the coast of Portugal's vast coastlines are among the best in the world.

Other products

Several other traditional products complete the list of ingredients of Portuguese cuisine: chestnuts, sausages (sausages), olive oil, wines, cheeses, local fruits and aromatic herbs, as well as many other elements that enter into the preparation of the delicacies of Portuguese cuisine. and gastronomy.

Main specialties

In this guide to The Cuisine of Portugal we will review the The Main Specialties of delicious Portuguese cuisine.

Typical dishes: Açorda Alentejana

This typical soup of traditional Alentejo cuisine is the most iconic specialty of this tasty cuisine. Herbs give relief aromatic. Its recipe varies a lot and is served both at the table of wealthy families and simpler ones. Açorda, migas, soups, gazpacho and lamb stew, to name a few typical Alentejo foods.

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