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The Cooking of Portugal

The Algarve kitchen is a cuisine that stands out for its way of giving relief and flavors to the most varied products of this sunny land marked by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, on one side, and by the landscapes that rise in its saws, to the inner side. All decorated with its many vegetables and seasoned with its aromatic herbs.

Among the most popular specialties and dishes are the famous "Cataplana" (fish and seafood soup), Served in the container that lends it its name, the "Fish soup", the "Arroz de lingueirão" and the "Caldeirada à algarvia", to name just a few of the most popular dishes.

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Mouthwatering soups
From the popular and traditional fish soup to the Algarvian Açorda, passing by other soups no less popular, like hare soup and green beans soup; you eat very well around here.

Connoisseurs and gourmets repeat in specialized magazines what we know when tasting these delicious dishes, simple at times, but of great quality and flavor. The peas with eggs are traditional and it's a bet that only in the Algarve wine are mouthwatering.

Wine and Cheese
These are chapters that should be seen separately... To know more? Follow the links about the Wines do Algarve and Cheese of Portugal to learn more.

A cuisine of the sea

Essential influence of the sea, with its varied products. Various cultural influences. Everything contributes to enrich the experience and gastronomic practice in Portugal. From popular "snacks" to gourmet cuisine. See also: 7 wonders of Portuguese gastronomy.

Main tourist attractions

Fish Cod, sea bass, grouper, monkfish, sardines and shellfish. According to the opinion of many experts, fish caught off the coast of Portugal's vast coastlines are among the best in the world.

Other products

Several other traditional products complete the list of ingredients of Portuguese cuisine: chestnuts, sausages (sausages), olive oil, wines, cheeses, local fruits and aromatic herbs, as well as many other elements that enter into the preparation of the delicacies of Portuguese cuisine. and gastronomy.

Main specialties

In this guide to The Cuisine of Portugal we will review the The Main Specialties of delicious Portuguese cuisine.

Typical dishes: Cataplana and others

Portuguese kitchen utensil, with round with two concave parts that close, typical of the Algarve, the cataplana is used to cook food, especially fish and seafood. By extension, the typical dishes in it are also called cataplana cooked, such as the Cataplana Algarvia (fish soup, clams, shrimp,...) and the seafood cataplana.

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