Destination Portugal

Algarve is the best golf destination in the world for 2020

It is already time to think about the next summer vacation! Portugal awaits you with open arms from Lisbon to the beautiful beaches of the south coast, the Algarve Beaches.

Rocha Beach, Guia de Portugal

Lisbon Discovery

Among Europe's Best Destinations, Lisbon welcomes visitors all year round. In this Global City you will discover new scents and tastes as well as dive in the Golden Age of the XV-XVI Century's Portuguese Discoveries.

Algarve, the Dream Coastline

For beach and sports lovers, the Algarve unveils some of Europe's most beautiful coves, cliff and, of course, stunning beaches. The same goes for the Algarve's golf courses.

Summer Destination

With the end of spring and especially during the summer, tourists from all over Europe depart to enjoy the beautiful sunny days of the Algarve and its beautiful beaches. Come and discover some of the most sought after beaches in Portugal!

Alentejo, Culture and Gastronomy

Land of history, rich heritage - like the beautiful city of Evora, World Heritage - and gastronomy, Alentejo attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Center, Coimbra and History

History, rich heritage - like the beautiful city of Coimbra, the former capital of Portugal, a university city and World Heritage Site, as well as gastronomy, Beira wines, the Center attracts thousands of visitors every year.


Portugal is also a land of sports fans. From windsurfing to golf, various sports are practiced year-round from the north to the south of the country. Thousands visit Portugal to practice their favorite sports activities.

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