Viana do Castelo

COMING SOON --- Minho, Portugal - The Minho Province (formerly the Entre Douro and Minho region, now the Northern Region) comprises the districts of Braga (Low Minho) and Viana do Castelo (High Minho).

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Fortress of Valença, High Minho © RTAM / Images of Portugal

There are 5 districts (states), 86 municipalities and 1,426 civil parishes (freguesias). The municipalities are organized in eight Inter-Municipal Communities (CIM) [CCDRN].

The territory of the North Region is situated between the rivers Minho (north) and Douro (south), the Atlantic Ocean (west) and Spain (east). The mountainous relief to the east is cut by the Douro, advancing through valleys sometimes flanked by sharp hills, which constitute the Douro Wine Region, World Heritage (Unesco).


Northern Portugal comprises Porto (Douro Litoral, to the west), Alto Douro (and Trás os Montes to the east) and Minho (north to the border with Spain).

The Barrosão Plateau

The Barrosão Plateau, located in the east of Trás os Montes, comprises the lands of the municipalities of Montalegre, to the north of the plateau (called Alto Barroso) and the county of Boticas, to the south of the plateau (the so-called Baixo Barroso). The mountainous land of Barroso formed, since centuries, a corridor of passage and of contact with Galicia.

The Barrosão Plateau

Northern Districts The North Region also includes the districts of Porto, Viana do Castelo, Braga, Vila Real and Bragança, as well as the northern districts of Aveiro, Viseu and Guarda.


In addition to the city of Porto, the other metropolis of the north are Braga and Viana do Castelo (in Minho) and Vila Real (Alto Douro / Trás os Montes).

County Portucalense

The north of Portugal - and more precisely the region around the city of Oporto - is the cradle of nationality.

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The Douro River, an important communication route and largest wine producing region in Portugal, crosses the north of the country from east to west. To know more: Discover the Douro.