Vila Nova de Gaia

Last update: April 2023

Port Wine, Douro Wine and Gastronomy

Northern Region of Portugal

Largest and Most Populous Municipality in the District of Porto

2nd Largest Urban Agglomeration in Portugal behind only Lisbon

In the Porto Metropolitan Area, left bank of the Rio Douro, Vila Nova de Gaia is part of the District of Porto , Region North of Portugal.

In Vila Nova de Gaia are the cellars of the famous Port Wine, A must visit for enologists and wine and gastronomy lovers.
Visit Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia, Ponte D. Luís e a cidade do Porto (fundo) © GEP
Vila Nova de Gaia, D. Luís Bridge and the city of Porto (background) © GEP


The municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, on the south bank of the Douro River, is limited to the north by by the municipality of Porto, to the northeast by Gondomar, to the south by Santa Maria da Feira and Espinho and, to the west, by the Atlantic Ocean.

City of Vila Nova de Gaia

With about 189,000 inhabitants, Vila Nova de Gaia It is the capital city of the municipality namesake with 304,149 inhabitants (INE, 2021). It is the third most populous city in Portugal. See: Main Cities in Portugal

Vila Nova de Gaia Council

Vila Nova de Gaia is also a municipality with 169 km² (the largest municipality in Greater Porto); and 304,149 inhabitants (INE 2021) on the left bank of the Douro River, which serves as a natural border with the municipality of Porto.
Find out more: Municipality of V. N. de Gaia

A bit of history

In the 17th century, the Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro and the warehouses of the main companies exporting the famous Port Wine, which remain there today.

Port wine

In Vila Nova de Gaia are located the wineries, a must visit for winemakers, and the headquarters of many bottlers of the famous Port Wine.

Vila Nova de Gaia, o célebre Vinho do Porto das adegas de Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto (fundo) © Ari Oliveira
Vila Nova de Gaia, the famous Port Wine from the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto (background) © Ari Oliveira

Great Urban Center

The city is the third most populous in the country and the most populous in the North Region and the Porto Metropolitan Area. Many of its inhabitants work in Porto, to which it is connected by the D. Luís Bridge. The subway is the best option for move to the northern metropolis, City of Porto.

Bridges to Porto

From the first bridge, the Dona Maria II suspension bridge, passing through the D. Maria Pia Railway Bridge from 1877, the Dom Luís I bridge, from the end of the 19th century (1881-1886), followed by the bridges São João Bridge, from 1991, and Freixo Bridge, from 1995 and, the last of these, the Ponte do Infante, from 2003.

Live in Vila Nova de Gaia

For many, living in Vila Nova de Gaia is a cheaper option, since the prices of Rents (rents) in Gaia are generally lower than in Cidade do Porto. This fact contributed to make Vila Nova de Gaia one of the most populous cities in the country.

Metrô em Vila Nova de Gaia, Distrito do Porto, Região Norte de Portugal © Manuel Sousa / CC
Metro in Vila Nova de Gaia, District of Porto, Northern Region of Portugal © Manuel Sousa / CC

Visit Vila Nova de Gaia

In addition to neighboring the illustrious City of Porto, in Vila Nova de Gaia there are several attractions that are worth the visit of many tourists.
Learn more: Attractions of Vila Nova de Gaia

Beaches of Vila Nova de Gaia

Some beaches complete the attractions of Vila Nova de Gaia for inhabitants and visitors: the Madalena, Granja, Valadares and Miramar beaches. Find out more: Beaches of Vila Nova de Gaia

Visit Port Wine Cellars

Mandatory program for winemakers and lovers of good wines and gastronomy.

Kitchen and Gastronomy

Important city in the north of the country, in Vila Nova de Gaia inhabitants and visitors can taste the delicacies of the Traditional Cuisine and Gastronomy of the North, with emphasis on snacks and dishes based on fish, as is the case with cod, to cite just one example.
Learn more: Kitchen of Vila Nova de Gaia

Strong Population Growth

With so many comparative advantages, among which the proximity to the active and bustling City of Porto and its Metropolitan Area, Vila Nova de Gaia has been experiencing strong demographic growth over the years of years. To give you an idea, from 1911 to 2011, the population of the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia went from 84,994 to 302,295 inhabitants!

Parishes of V. N. de Gaia

The Council (Municipality) of Vila Nova de Gaia is divided into 15 parishes.
These are the 15 parishes of Vila Nova de Gaia: Parishes of V. N. de Gaia

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