Northern Border of Portugal

The Vinhos Verdes Land

Minho - historical region of Portugal, whose name originates from the Rio Minho, a Spanish river (in Spanish, Miño) that originates in the Serra de Meira, in Lugo, Galicia. Of its 340 km length, only the last 75 km are shared with Portugal, serving as natural border with Galicia (Spain), from the municipality of Melgaço to its mouth, in Caminha (on the Portuguese side) and A Guarda (on the Spanish side).

The lands of Minho occupy an area of 4,838 km² (the Federal District, where the capital of Brazil, Brasília, is located, has 5,802 km²). from east to the west, the greatest distance is no more than 100 km. From north to south, just over 80 km. But, in these lands, visitors will discover a great variety of landscapes. Which leads many to claim that it is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal.

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View of the Fortress of Valença, High Minho © RTAM / Images of Portugal

The Portughese Garden

"O Minho! Jardim de Portugal" (O Minho! Garden of Portugal!), according to reports José Augusto Vieira in his famous book and reference work The Picturesque Minho (1886-1887) [1] it is one of the highlights of these peaceful and cozy landscapes, with quiet villages and towns where life and time seem to have stopped.

The Minho Province, (former region of the Entre (Between) Douro and Minho; today inserted in the North region, it comprises the districts of Braga (Baixo - Low - Minho) and Viana do Castelo (Alto - High - Minho).

Located in the north of Portugal, this region borders Spain, from which it is separated by the River Minho.

In addition to the Rio Minho, the region is also crossed from northeast to northwest by the rivers Lima, Cávado (and its tributary Rio Homem), the Ave, the Vizela and, to the east, through the Tâmega, which crosses the Terras de Basto. continued...

Top Cities

Greater Lisbon

In addition to the largest urban agglomeration in the country (Lisbon), Sintra, Cascais, Loures, Almada and Oeiras complete the podium of the Top 5 largest cities in Portugal.

Great Port

In the north of the country, in Greater Porto, other important cities are Vila Nova de Gaia, Braga, Matosinhos, Gondomar and Guimarães.

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