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Minho and North Cuisine

The cuisine of Minho and the North is one of the most authentic in the country. How about a snack or a codfish dish? Because cod rhymes with Porto, even if Viana do Castelo was, in its time, one of the most important ports for fishing and importing this staple of northern cuisine. By the way, for the connoisseurs, cod only from Porto! Gomes de Sá style and accompanied with a Douro wine, there is nothing better. Or like Braga, in the Minho version.

Guia do Porto
Codfish typical of Porto

Northern Delights

After an aperitif with Port wine, how about a dish of cod ? It may not seem, à first vista, but cod rhymes with Porto. By the way, for the connoisseurs, cod only from Port! &Aggravate; Gomes de Sá and accompanied with a Douro wine, it doesn't get any better!

When talking about Porto it is almost impossible not to mention some traditional dishes, among which stand out, for its history, the famous Tripas à Porto fashion, a dish that gives the city's inhabitants their name – Tripeiros – those who eat tripe.

Caldo Verde

"Green broth is always present on the menus of Porto and the Minho region. This broad-leaf potato and green cabbage broth finely cut and watered with a drizzle of olive oil is referenced in several books by Camilo Castelo Branco".

By chance, you've already tasted this famous wine, straight out of the barrel. This is a privilege reserved for few visitors. This and more, the visitor will discover the follow the paths that lead to Douro. See Douro Litoral Region.

Quality and Refinement

"Eating Porto style is to eat in abundance, quality and with great refinement, always at well-decorated tables where the silver of our goldsmiths reigns over embroidered linen tablecloths".

Port and Wine - With its name associated with the famous wine for centuries, Porto attracts thousands of visitors, whether on vacation or on business, who here they discover its charms and secrets.

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