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Last update: August 2023

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Paradise for your vacation - "Despite having a small area, Madeira is rich in majestic scenery and rare beauty" [Visit Portugal].

Aeroporto Internacional da Ilha da Madeira, Portugal © Internet, ilustração
Madeira Island International Airport, Portugal © Internet, illustration

How to get to Madeira?

There are two ways to get to Madeira:

• By plane

Madeira Island has an airport quite busy international airport, the Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, or Madeira International Airport, located in the city of Santa Catarina, in the municipality of Santa Cruz, 16 km northeast of Funchal.

Fourth busiest airport in Portugal, Madeira International Airport has connections with 40 destinations, being the fastest and even the cheapest way to get to Madeira Island.

Serving this great tourist destination that is Madeira, visitors have all the the conveniences and facilities of a modern airport: car rental and other services.

Madeira International Airport Madeira Island, Portugal © Internet, illustration
Madeira Island International Airport, Portugal © Internet, illustration

In addition to domestic visitors, English, Scandinavian and Central European visitors are the highlights among the most numerous passengers.

Difficult airport

Madeira International Airport is considered relatively accessible. difficult for pilots due to the strong winds that often blow on the island. A part of the airport, during an expansion carried out to increase the length of the runway, it was built on pillars by the sea.

Cruzeiros para o Funchal, Ilha da Madeira, Portugal © Internet, ilustração
Cruises to Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal © Internet, illustration

• By ferry-boat or ship

Visitors use the Port of Funchal, with its important terminal for cruises and ferry-boats that operate between the European continent, Madeira Island, the Canary Islands and North Africa.

One of the most important ports in Portugal, Porto do Funchal is the first as to the number of tourists passing through it.

Cruises to Madeira

The largest international cruise operators include Madeira in their cruise routes. It is also an excellent opportunity to discover Funchal and the beauties of Madeira Island.

Airplane from Lisbon to Funchal

There are several flight options from Lisbon to Funchal, the capital from Madeira, with prices from 30 €, one way. It's good to count 1h45 long of this 720 km journey.

In many cases, this is the fastest option and perhaps also the cheapest.

Lisbon to Funchal ferry

By ferry, residents of Madeira have a preferential price of 25 € by route. Non-residents, from 80 €, and if you bring your car, per journey the price will be 120€.

It's good to do the calculations, as it is possible to rent a car in Funchal...

Tip: It is also possible to take a ferry boat from the Algarve directly to Funchal.

Ferry-boat between Funchal and Porto Santo, Madeira Island, Portugal © Porto Santo Line, illustration
Ferry-boat between Funchal and Porto Santo, Madeira Island, Portugal © Porto Santo Line, illustration

Funchal, the Capital of Madeira

The capital of the Madeira Archipelago, historic city and great center tourist destination in Portugal, is the fourth most visited city in the country.

According to the report recently published by Bloom Consulting, the fourth place, considering its variables and including the overseas archipelagos, it is the city of Funchal, on the island of Madeira, behind only Lisbon, Porto and Cascais.

Porto Santo

Porto Santo is an island in the Madeira Archipelago, famous for its incredible beaches and for to be, since 2020, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

The municipality of Porto Santo occupies the entire area of this island, whose capital is city of Vila Baleira.

Porto Santo is home to some of the most incredible beaches in Europe, which is why which is why it is a great tourist destination.

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Sé do Funchal, Ilha da Madeira, Portugal © Diocesa da Madeira, ilustração
Funchal Cathedral, Madeira Island, Portugal © Diocese of Madeira, illustration

Madeira Wine

One of the best known wines in the world, Madeira Wine is the great ambassador of this region of Portugal.


Lovers of good food will have many opportunities to taste the typical snacks and specialties of the varied and traditional cuisine of Madeira.

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Some distances

Madeira Island is located about 685 km from the coast of Africa (closer to Morocco), 973 km from Lisbon, 520 km from the island of Gran Canaria, and 891 km from the island of Santa Maria, the closest to the Azores archipelago.

Landscape of Madeira, Portugal Guide
Madeira Island, Portugal © Images of Portugal

Nice weather

Temperatures in Madeira hover around 20°C most of the year. Including the water temperature sea is 26°C in summer (17°C in winter).

Top Cities

Greater Lisbon

In addition to the largest urban agglomeration in the country (Lisbon), Sintra, Cascais, Loures, Almada and Oeiras complete the podium of the Top 5 largest cities in Portugal.

Greater Porto

In the north of the country, in Greater Porto, other important cities are Vila Nova de Gaia, Braga, Matosinhos, Gondomar and Guimarães.

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