When Visit Lisbon?

One can visit sunny Lisbon all year round. The city's great climate is certainly a must and temperatures barely go below 15° C - even during the Winter. Check out below Lisbon seasons.

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Águas Livres Aqueduct, Lisbon - © José Manuel/Images of Portugal

Summer in Lisbon

For most people, Summer and it's hot temperatures is the best season to visit the city. August is the month of higher temperatures (more than 30° C).

Spring in Lisbon

Spring is a good season to come to Lisbon, especially if you don't like plenty of tourist and Summer hot temperatures.

Autumn in Lisbon

This beautiful season is also a good time to visit Lisbon. Nevertheless, it is also good to know that in autumn rains are more frequent.

Winter in Lisbon

I spent two Winter stays in Lisbon and had temperatures of 9° and 15° C. And, actually, these are some typical temperatures (average: 12° C) for this season.

Average Temperatures

Jan - March: 17,1 ºC - 62,8 ºF
April - June: 21,8 ºC - 71,2 ºF
July - Sept.: 26,3 ºC - 79,3 ºF
Oct. - Dec.: 17,2 ºC - 53 ºF

So, let's go to Lisbon! What to see and what to do?

Discover Lisbon - there are many and varied attractions of the city that enchants visitors from around the world.

Lisbon Surroundings - For those who get a little more time, to discover the surroundings and the Greater Lisbon is a must-see program.