Lisbon: When? What? How?

When come to Lisbon? What to see and what to do? How to get around the city capital of Portugal? Check out below the answers to these and many other questions that will help to plan and organize your stay in Lisbon.

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City of Lisbon - © Carlos Gil/Images of Portugal

Lisbon in figures

There are 600.00 inhabitants in the city of Lisbon. And in the Lisbon Region there are about 3 million inhabitants.

Average Temperatures

Jan - March: 17,1 ºC - 62,8 ºF
April - June: 21,8 ºC - 71,2 ºF
July - Sept.: 26,3 ºC - 79,3 ºF
Oct. - Dec.: 17,2 ºC - 53 ºF


Official currency is Euro. In Portugal, you can pay with cash, by Bank transfert, by check, credit or debit card.


To call abroad, dial 00 + country code + region code + phone number.

Power supply

In Lisbon and in Portugal, houses and accommodation have 230/400 volts, frequence is 50 hertz, and outlets follow European model. Maybe you will need and adapter. Check this carefully.

When come to Lisbon? - Fortunately for all of us, one can visit Lisbon all year round. With plenty of sunny days, even during the Winter weather is good and average temperatures are fair.

Lisbon Surroundings - For those who get a little more time, to discover the surroundings and the Greater Lisbon is a must-see program.