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Lisbon Region

The Lisbon Region (Metropolitan Area of Lisbon) comprises 18 municipalities, among which the municipality of Lisbon, the capital of the country.

Lisbon Region, Guide to Portugal

Lisbon in Extremadura

Capital of Portugal, Lisbon is located in the Region and former Province of Extremadura, except for two municipalities (Azambuja and Vila Franca de Xira, which are in Ribatejo). Estremadura is an ancient province of Portugal. More: Regions of Portugal.

Greater Lisbon

These are the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon municipalities:

1. Lisbon

2. Sintra

3. Cascais

4. Loures

5. Amadora

6. Oeiras

7. Almada

8. Seixal

9. Odivelas

10. Vila Franca de Xira

11. Setúbal

12. Mafra

13. Barreiro

14. Moita

15. Palmela

16. Montijo

17. Sesimbra

18. Alcochete

Discover Lisbon - there are many and varied attractions of the city that enchants visitors from around the world.

Lisbon Surroundings - For those who get a little more time, to discover the surroundings and the Greater Lisbon is a must-see program.

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