Lisbon Must See

In Lisbon one breathes modern times and history, especially the Discoveries (XV-XVIth centuries). Follow indications below to unveil the city's treasures.

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Praça do Comércio, Lisbon - © José Manuel/Images of Portugal

Praça do Comércio

The beautiful Commerce Square (Praça do Comércio) - also known as Terreiro do Paço - is one of Lisbon's most beautiful spaces (image above). Rebuild by the Marquis of Pombal after Lisbon's Earthquake of 1755.

Belém Tower

Lisbon's (and Portugal) postcard. Build under King Manuel I, this fortress intended to defend the entrance of Tagus River. It is one of the most important symbols of the manueline architecture.

St George's Castle

The St George's Castle is a military fortress built on top of Lisbon's highest hill. From this hill visitors have one of Lisbon's and Tagus River most beautiful views.

Jeronimos Monastery

The Jeronimos Monastery, built in the beginning of the XVIth century, under King Manuel I, is said to be the jewel in the crown of the Manueline architecture. Vasco da Gama, King Manuel I and Luís de Camões are buried in the monastery.

Lisbon's Cathedral

The Lisbon's Cathedral - the Patriarchal Cathedral of Saint Mary Major - is the city's oldest and most important Roman Catholic temple. The main chapel was rebuilt after the Lisbon 1755 earthquake.

Discoveries Monument

Built in 1940 (rebuilt later in 1960), the Discoveries Monument (Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Monumento dos Descobrimentos or Monumento aos Navegantes) the Monument to the Discoveries "evokes the Portuguese overseas expansion".

Ajuda National Palace

Old Royal Palace, the Ajuda National Palace is nowadays a National Monument. Built in the first half of the XIXth century, it is located in the Ajuda, Lisbon. This neoclassical building is one of Lisbon's most beautiful museums.

Queluz National Palace

This beautiful Palace is located at Queluz (district of Sintra), in the Greater Lisbon. Built in the XVIIIth century, National Monument since 1910 when Portugal became a Republic, its beautiful gardens and sculptures enchant visitors.