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Commerce Square

A Praça do Comércio (or Terreiro do Paço), in the Historic Center, is in the part of the city known as Baixa de Lisboa, along the Tagus River. One of the largest in Europe, it housed royal palaces for two centuries and was destroyed in 1755, when the earthquake devastated Lisbon.

In the center of Praça do Comércio is the equestrian statue of D. José.

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Commerce Square © Jose Manuel / Images Of Portugal

Symbol of political power

Since 1511, when the king moved from Castelo de São Jorge to Paço (Palácio da Ribeira), Praça do Comércio became the center of power real and political of Portugal. A rich library of about 70,000 volumes was part of the public buildings that made this beautiful square the center of life in the Portuguese capital.

Columns Pier

With its marble stairs, it was the gateway to Lisbon, in the centuries of the Great Discoveries. Many historical characters have passed through these steps, when they left or returned from trips to the most distant lands discovered by Portuguese navigators.

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Palace Square (Terreiro do Paço) © Zuzart / CC

From Portugal to the world

The most important link between Portugal and its maritime adventures, from an architectural point of view, in addition to its beautiful set of buildings painted in yellow, the highlights are the Arc de Triomphe on Rua Augusta (entrance to the square for those coming from the center) and the equestrian statue of King D. José (built in 1775, after its reconstruction by the marquis of Pombal).

Heart of Portugal

When she visited Lisbon in 1957, Queen Elizabeth (from the United Kingdom) disembarked at Cais das Colunas and crossed this famous square. And in 1908, when he was passing through this square with his son, heir to royal power, king D. Carlos and the prince were murdered in Praça do Comércio.