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Located between Baixa de Lisboa (also known as Baixa Pombalina or Pombaline Lisbon) and Bairro Alto, the neighborhood of Chiado, with its strong references in the world of Portuguese writers (Fernando Pessoa, Eça de Queiroz, among others), is one of the busiest in the Portuguese capital.
Before the era of shopping centers, its trade was the busiest in Lisbon. It regained some of its commercial appeal, with boutiques and international designer stores.

Currently, Chiado is part, in its entirety, of Parish of Santa Mary Major.

Rua Almeida Garrett in Chiado, Baixa de Lisboa, Lisbon © Google Earth Pro
Rua Almeida Garrett in Chiado, Baixa de Lisboa, Lisbon © Google Earth Pro

Fire of 1988

In 1980, a fire broke out in a store in Chiado, which caused enormous damage to several commercial establishments in the neighborhood. Chiado was only rebuilt during the 1990s.

Downtown Pombaline

The Baixa Pombalina is a reference to the Marquês de Pombal, who after the destruction of the city by a violent earthquake in 1755, he commanded - in his style, which became known as the Pombaline style - the reconstruction of Lisbon.
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Discover Chiado

To discover Chiado, the most recommended way is to take a walk through the streets adjacent to Rua Garrett, which is the Centro do Chiado. Rua Garrett runs from the corner of Rua Nova do Almada and goes up to Rua Nova da Trindade.

• stroll along Garrett Street and neighboring streets
On Rua Garrett stand out the Baixa-Chiado station of the Lisbon metro, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Martyrs. After Rua Serpa Pinto, Rua Garrett becomes narrower. Another highlight in this part of the street is the Statue of Fernando Pessoa, at the A Brasileira Restaurant and Café.

• stop and have a coffee with pastel de nata at one of the cafés (Café A Brasileira or other)

• explore the shops and local businesses (See Shopping below)

• explore the shops and local commerce

• visit the churches (Basilica of Nossa Senhora dos Mártires, Convento do Carmo)

Rua Serpa Pinto, transversal da Rua Almeida Garret, no Chiado, Baixa de Lisboa © Google Earth Pro
Rua Serpa Pinto, across from Rua Almeida Garret, in Chiado, downtown Lisbon © Google Earth Pro

What to see in Chiado

In addition to the options above, in Chiado the following stand out:

• the Museum of Chiado

• the Basilica of Our Lady of the Martyrs, Church of Our Lady of Loreto of the Italians, Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation

• the National Theater of São Carlos, the São Luiz Theater

• the National Museum of Contemporary Art

• the Literary Guild

Where to eat in Chiado

There are several options for eating or snacking in Chiado. Delirium Café, Alma, Sacramento, Starbucks and others.

Where to stay in Chiado

For those who want to stay close to the city's main attractions, Chiado offers some comfortable hotels with a wide range of of prices. The Lisboa Carmo hotel, Borges Chiado, Garrett 48 apartments, Lisbon Best Apartments Chiado and others.

Bairro do Chiado, Baixa de Lisboa © Google Earth Pro
Rua Garrett, in front of Armazém do Chiado, Bairro do Chiado, Baixa de Lisboa © Google Earth Pro

Shopping in Chiado, Lisbon

You will also find a very busy trade in the streets of the Historic Center, as well as shops and boutiques. international.

Sports (Sports): golf, surfing and windsurfing

In Lisbon there is structure and sports facilities to practice your favorite sport.

Musical events, exhibitions

In the cultural centres, galleries and exhibition halls of the Historic Center of Lisbon, different programs are cultural, musical, theatrical activities among other options.

Map of the Historic Center

It is in the Historic Center of Lisbon that the main tourist attractions are concentrated absolutely, starting with the beautiful Terreiro do Paço.

Map of the Historic Center © GEP
Map of the Historic Center © GEP


For the satisfaction of visitors, a good part of the best gastronomic options are located in the Historic Center from Lisbon.

Good Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

Traditional hotels, restaurants and bars in the Historic Center make it very easy to visit the main attractions tourist attractions in the city. Think about this when booking your hotel.

Lisbon by Night (Fados House)

The best of Lisbon's nightlife is in the Historic Center or close to it, such as Baixa, Cais do Sodré, Chiado and Bairro Alto to name the liveliest.

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