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The parish of Areeiro was created after the October 2013 elections. Areeiro occupies the territory of the former parishes of Alto do Pina, in the eastern part of the parish, and of Saint John of God in the west zone (see further below).

Curious about the origin of the name? The name of the parish is due to the fact that there was extracted sand, in the old Quinta da Montanha, for the construction of the buildings of the surroundings. It is located north of the central part of the city.

Alameda e Estação do Metrô, Freguesia de Areeiro, Lisboa © Google Earth Pro
Alameda and Metro Station, Parish of Areeiro, Lisbon © Google Earth Pro

Alto do Pina

Located in the east zone, this former parish from the 1960s, measuring 0.84 km², is today a neighborhood from Areeiro. In this neighborhood there is a delegation of the parish to assist the inhabitants of the parish of Areeiro.

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Saint John of God

This former parish from the 1960s, when it had almost 25,000 inhabitants, has an area of 0.93 km². Currently, it is a neighborhood of Areeiro.

It is in the neighborhood São João de Deus that the headquarters of the parish of Areeiro is located.

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Area and Population

Fall in resident population
With 1.74 km², the Parish of Areeiro has a population of 21,167 inhabitants (INE, 2021). In 2011, the parish had 20,131 inhabitants (idem), with a drop in the resident population in this period.

Areeiro, with 12,161 inhabitants per km² has one of the highest population densities of the Portuguese capital.

Aging population
"The Parish follows the national trend and presents an Aging Index of 208.1 people with 65 and more years for every 100 people under 15" [JF do Areeiro].


From the Sé de Lisboa to the parish headquarters it is only 4 km along the Avenida Almirante Reis.

Located in the central area of the city of Lisbon, the Historic Center, the parish of sandmaker it is limited to the north by Alvalade , to the northeast by Marvila , to the southeast with the parish of Beato , to the south with Penha de França , to the southwest with Arroios , southwest and west west with the parish of Avenidas Novas .

Alameda com Avenida Almirante Reis, Freguesia de Areeiro, Lisboa © Google Earth Pro
Alameda with Avenida Almirante Reis, Parish of Areeiro, Lisbon © Google Earth Pro

About Areeiro

The Freguesia do Areeiro was once a stronghold of Lisbon's upper-middle and upper classes. Neighborhood with buildings signed by well-known Portuguese architects.

Residential neighborhood
Areeiro is a quiet residential neighborhood, close to the center, well served by transport, equipment and other public services. The proximity to the center of Lisbon is a great asset of the parish.

Railway and Metro Stations
The following are the Lisbon Metro stations that serve the residents of Areeiro:

Alameda (Green Line)

Areeiro (Green Line)

Roma-Areeiro Railway Station

Olaias (Red Line)

A bit of history

The Parish of Areeiro was created in 2012, from the union of the parishes of São João de Deus, with a good part of Alto do Pina and a small part of the Parish of Beato.

During the 1960s, in the neighborhood that would later be called Portugal Novo, there were several "tents" in Vale do Areeiro, as there were also in the neighboring parishes of Marvila and Beato.

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Attractions of Areeiro Parish

Among the main attractions of Areeiro, the following stand out:

• the Campo Pequeno Standard

• the Campo Pequeno Bullring

• the Quinta das Ameias

• the Church of Saint John of God

• the Source of Light

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Alameda com Avenida Almirante Reis, Freguesia de Areeiro, Lisboa © Google Earth Pro
Alameda with Avenida Almirante Reis, Parish of Areeiro, Lisbon © Google Earth Pro

Squares and Gardens

In the western part of the parish, Jardim Fernando Pessoa is one of the most frequented places by the inhabitants. The Vale Montanha Urban Park, to the north of the parish, is also a of highlights.

Some squares are places to rest in the shade of trees in the city's urban landscape. parish: Praça de Londres, Praça de Paris, among others.

What to do in Areeiro

As a traditional residential neighborhood, the main options for activities are cinema, walks in the squares and in the parks, shopping and chatting with friends in the various bars and cafes in the parish, as well as savoring the delights of Portuguese cuisine in local restaurants.

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Sports at Areeiro

For lovers of sports activities, in Areeiro there is a Rugby Club, in addition to several other sports facilities, notably the Municipal Sports Complex of Casal Vistoso.

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Important urban roads

In addition to two metro stations (Alameda and Areeiro Stations), large avenues and streets pass through Areeiro, such as alameda Dom Afonso Henriques, Avenida João XXI, Avenida Almirante Reis, Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho (north-south) and Avenida de Roma, among others.

Guide to the Parish of Areeiro

To get to know Areeiro better, see our complete guide to Areeiro!

Praça Sá Carneiro, Freguesia de Areeiro, Lisboa © Google Earth Pro
Praça Sá Carneiro, Parish of Areeiro, Lisbon © Google Earth Pro

+ Information

• Address: Rua João Villaret 9, 1000-273 Lisboa
• Telephone: 218 400 253
• Official Link: JF de Areeiro
• Contact by email:
• Social Networks: www.facebook/jfAreeiro/ , Instagram: @jfareeiro
• Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00

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