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Administrative division of the country

Mainland Portugal - The territory of Portugal, in the past was divided into provinces or natural regions.

Lisbon and Porto

The two main urban agglomerations in the country
Currently, it is divided into five major geographic regions and 18 districts (states in Brazil).

Portugal has 275 municipalities
In turn, the districts are composed of concelhos (municipalities), in a total of 275.

Piódão, aldeiá histórica e típica de Portugal © Images of Portugal
Alentejo, central Portugal landscape © Images of Portugal

The Regions of Portugal

Mainland Portugal - The territory of 92,152 km² of Portugal is divided into 5 major geographic regions (Lisbon and Region, Center, North, Alentejo and Algarve), and in 18 districts, with 275 municipalities (municipalities).

Insular Portugal - The archipelagos of Madeira and Azores are Autonomous Regions of Insular Portugal.

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Parish of Benfica, Lisbon, Estremadura, Portugal © Google Earth Pro

Parish of Benfica, Lisbon, Estremadura, Portugal © Google Earth Pro

Geographical regions





Algarve (South)

RA Madeira

RA Azores

Natural Regions (Provinces)


Trás-os-Montes/Alto Douro

Douro Litoral

Beira Alta

Beira Baixa

Beira Litoral



Alto Alentejo

Alentejo Central

Alentejo Litoral

Baixo Alentejo


The Districts (States)

Important administrative division of the country, after the regions, the districts in turn are divided into municipalities (or counties). Municipalities, on the other hand, are divided into parishes. In translations into other languages, in general, the term civil parishes is used.

Selection of Tourist Destinations

  1. Costa Vicentina
  2. Albufeira
  3. Vilamoura
  4. Cities of Historic Heritage
  5. Discovery of the Douro
  6. Monchique Spa and Thermal Baths

Top Cities

Greater Lisbon

In addition to the largest urban agglomeration in the country (Lisbon), Sintra, Cascais, Loures, Almada and Oeiras complete the podium of the Top 5 largest cities in Portugal.

Greater Porto

In the north of the country, in Greater Porto, other important cities are Vila Nova de Gaia, Braga, Matosinhos, Gondomar and Guimarães.

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