Distrito de Beja

Beja, Baixo Alentejo, Portugal

The County (State) of Beja, in central Portugal whose head office is located 176 km to the south-east of the city of Lisbon is one of the 18 counties (distritos) of Portugal.

Land of good food, good wines and good oil
Beja is the capital of the district, of the concelho and the old Province of Baixo Alentejo, today a sub-region of the Alentejo.

Beja, Heritage and Nature - In Beja the visitor discovers a rich heritage architectural - palaces, churches, museums and monuments - and natural that can be seen from the hill on which it stands situated. Beja, the City of Pax Julia, was born with a vocation to be a capital. With 25,373 inhab. (INE, 2021), Beja is located 177 km southwest of Lisbon, by car (135 km in a straight line).

Guia de Beja, Portugal
Beja, Low Alentejo © Antonio Sacchetti / Images of Portugal


The municipality (municipality) of Beja is limited to the north by the municipalities of Cuba and Vidigueira, to the east by Serpa, to the south by Mértola and Castro Verde and west by Aljustrel and Ferreira do Alentejo.

Study in Beja

Beja has several options for those who want to study in the city, one of which is the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, which has just under 4,000 students enrolled.

Rich Historical Heritage

Beja was an important city at the time of the Roman occupation, when it was called Pax Julia. In addition to the Castelo de Beja, and Pelourinho, the Roman Village of Pisões, convents and churches are highlights, such as the Carmelo do Sagrado Coração de Jesus and the Sé (Cathedral) of Beja.

Museums and Monuments

Beja is a city with many cultural assets to discover, such as the Rainha Dona Leonor Museum, which occupies the former Nossa Senhora da Conception (16th century).

Land of good wines

Wines and Gastronomy. With excellent production of quality wines of controlled origin (DOC - denomination of controlled origin), in addition to varied cuisine, Beja delights the palate of its visitors.

Counties of the District of Beja

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Parishes in the Municipality of Beja

The municipality of Beja is divided into 12 parishes: see here

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