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Vicentine Coast Natural Park - Aljezur or Algezur, city (less than 2,000 inhab.) and municipality (5,884 inhab.) (1), district of Faro, is one of the sixteen concelhos (municipalities) of the Algarve, southern region of Portugal.

Litoral em Aljezur, Distrito de Faro, Algarve - © RTA / Images of Portugal
Coastline in Aljezur, Faro District, Algarve - © RTA / Images of Portugal

Top Beaches in Aljezur

With more than 40 km of coastline, with several beautiful beaches along its jagged coastline, check out the best beaches in the municipality. Praia da Bordeira (image below) is the favorite of lovers of water sports, especially kite surfing.

Praia de Odeceixe

Praia da Bordeira

Praia da Amoreira

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Praia da Bordeira, Costa Vicentina, Aljezur, Distrito de Faro (Algarve) © Turismo Aljezur / Ilustração
Bordeira Beach, Costa Vicentina, Aljezur, Faro District (Algarve) © Tourism Aljezur / Illustration

Sweet potato from Aljezur

On the west coast of the Algarve, Aljezur advances towards the mountains to the east, through heaths and fertile and cultivated valleys whose highlights are the famous and tasty sweet potato from Aljezur, product with PGI, and peanuts.

The real sweet potato from Aljezur, with PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) has the annual Aljezur Sweet Potato Festival, when all its gastronomic uses are honoured. See also: Aljezur Sweet Potato Festival.

The beautiful natural landscapes between the waves, where a windmill stands out here and there, the Vicentine Coast Natural Park or Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park and the mountains shape the landscape of the municipality.

What to see in Aljezur

Natural beauty
The natural beauty of Costa Vicentina, in addition to beautiful beaches (see above), are some of the highlights of the county (municipality) of Aljezur.

Moinho de vento em Odeceixe, Costa Vicentina, Distrito de Faro (Algarve) © Lolo7303 / CC, ilustração
Windmill (detail) in Odeceixe, Costa Vicentina, District of Faro (Algarve) © Lolo7303 / CC, illustration


the rich and varied historical, cultural and religious heritage completes the offer of tourist products that attract Portuguese and European visitors.

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What to do in Aljezur

Many options for lovers of active holidays: walks on the beaches or in the Natural Park, sports (see below), walks, excursions.

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Where to stay in Aljezur

Rent a house or an apartment for the season, or if you prefer, stay in a hotel according to your preference, or even staying with locals, are several modalities offered to plan your stay in Aljezur.

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Batata-doce (IGP) de Aljezur, Distrito de Faro (Algarve) © Internet / ilustração
The famous sweet potato (IGP) from Aljezur, Faro District (Algarve) © Internet / illustration

Land of good food

"Land of fish and abundant meat, as well as rich vegetables, it is impossible to resist Aljezur sweet potato (IGP), which deserves honors in one of the best gastronomic festivals in the region algarvia, the Aljezur Sweet Potato Festival. Wonderful bream, bream and sea bass cooked or grilled over charcoal, papaya mouras with “piques”, couvada or beans with sweet potato, octopus in sauce or in salads, the excellent goose barnacles and mussels from the Costa Vicentina, fried moray eel and sausages, constitute highly sought after dishes and snacks. Not forgetting the famous sweets, based on the main local product: cake, pie, pudding or sweet potato pastries and Aljezur fritters, among others delicacies, combined with an aromatic arbutus brandy, produced for centuries in this region of country, delight many who come here to enjoy them" [CM de Aljezur].

Where to eat in Aljezur

Good restaurants, bars and cafes allow visitors to taste delicious Algarve cuisine and Mediterranean food in Aljezur, as well as traditional Portuguese cuisine. It is worth it check out our suggestions below.

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A bit of history

"The village of Aljezur was taken from the Moors in 1249, during the reign of D. Afonso III, the hero of this made the Master of the Order of Santiago - D. Paio Peres Correia. This conquest came about when the dawn, with the occupation of the castle that was under Moorish rule. Christians thanked to the Virgin Mary the success of the conquest and, in an expansion of faith, Nossa Senhora da Alva became the Patroness of Aljezur, a fact that is still transmitted orally, through the legend of Conquest of the Castle" [CM de Aljezur].

Castelo de Aljezur (detalhe), Aljezur, Distrito de Faro (Algarve) © Turismo Aljezur / Ilustração
Aljezur Castle (detail), Aljezur, Faro District (Algarve) © Tourism Aljezur / Illustration

Legend of Aljezur Castle
"Tradition places the conquest of the castle of Aljezur by the Christian knights of the Order of Santiago, on the morning of June 24, 1249, during the reign of King Afonso III. This morning, the knights of D. Paio Peres Correia, Master of the Order of Santiago, occupy the castle of Aljezur, which was held by the Moors" [CM de Aljezur].

Area and Population

With an area of 323 km², the municipality (municipality) of Aljezur has currently a population of 6,046 inhabitants (INE, 2021). Peak population has been reached in the 1960s, when Aljezur reached more than 8 thousand inhabitants.

In the previous census, the municipality had 5,884 inhabitants (INE, 2011), having had an increase in the resident population of the order of 2.8%.

Mapa de Aljezur (detalhe), Aljezur, Distrito de Faro (Algarve) © Google
Map of Aljezur (detail), Aljezur, Faro District (Algarve) © Google


Located 244 km south of Lisbon, the municipality of Aljezur is limited to the north by Odemira, east by Monchique, to southeast by Lagos, to the southwest by Vila do Bispo and has the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

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Sports in Aljezur

In Aljezur fans of sports activities have several options to practice your favorite sports. From water sports (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing...) to cycling, athletics and other modalities. Check it out below!

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Localidade da Carrapateira, Aljezur, Distrito de Faro (Algarve) © Filipe Rocha / CC, Ilustração
Location of Carrapateira, Aljezur, District of Faro (Algarve) © Filipe Rocha / CC, Illustration

Parishes of Aljezur

The county comprises the following parishes:

Vicentine Coast of Aljezur

In the most western part of the Algarve and in the heart of the Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park its beautiful 40 km of coastline also stands out.

Beautiful and wild, the Costa Vicentina begins at Praia de Odeceixe. In addition to wanted by vacationers, nature lovers find in Aljezur beautiful landscapes and a lot of tranquility.

Guia de Portugal
Odeceixe, Costa Vicentina, Algarve - © RTA / Images of Portugal

Beaches of Aljezur

The following are the beaches in the municipality of Aljezur:


Among the attractions of Aljezur, the following stand out:

Aljezur Castle

Castle of Arrifana

Igreja da Misericórdia de Aljezur

Matrix of Our Lady of Dawn or New Church

+ Information about Aljezur

Aljezur City Hall
• Address / Address: Edificio dos Pacos do Concelho, Rua Capitao Salgueiro Maia, 8670-005 Aljezur
• Phone: (351) 282 990 010
• Official Link: CM de Aljezur
• Contact by email:
• Social networks: , Instagram: @
• Opening hours:
  From 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

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