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Center-South Region of Portugal. Capital: Évora - Occupying an area of 31,551 km² and with a population of more than half a million inhabitants, Alentejo is the largest region of Portugal and comprises Alto Alentejo, Central Alentejo, Baixo Alentejo and Alentejo Litoral.

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According to an ancient and current division of the territory, there was only the Alto Alentejo, whose capital is the city of Évora and the Baixo Alentejo, whose capital is the city of Beja.

Évora, the Capital of Alentejo

Located in Alentejo Central, the city of Évora, is the Capital of the Alentejo.

Districts of Alentejo

The Alentejo comprises the following districts:

District of Portalegre

Portalegre belongs to the Alto Alentejo. There are 15 municipalities (counties) of the district.

District of Beja

The district of Beja comprises 14 municipalities (counties)

District of Setúbal

The following (coming soon) municipalities of the District of Setúbal are part of Alentejo Litoral.

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