Soaps in the Gastronomy and Cuisine of Portugal - Soups, true complete dishes, are of great importance in Portuguese cuisine. It is even said that Portugal is one of the largest consumers of soup in the world. The green broth is one of the most popular dishes of the country's gastronomy.

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Green Soap, specialty of the Portuguese Gastronomy © Ari Oliveira

Green soup

"The green broth is always present in the menus of Porto and the Minhota region. This broth of potatoes and green cabbage of broad leaf finely cut and watered with a strand of olive oil is referenced in several books by Camilo Castelo Branco."

Chestnuts Soup

The chestnut soup, typical of Beira Alta and especially of Viseu, is one of the most popular in the region and in other parts of the country.

Stone's Soup

Traditional and legendary soup from Ribatejo, the soup of the stone, de Almeirim gained fame thanks to a friar who said to make a soup with only a stone, according to a short story by TeĆ³filo Braga. He always said that it was necessary to add more or such an ingredient and ended up making a soup with lots of vegetables and great flavor.

Fish Soup

The caldeirada is another very popular and popular soup, whose recipe from the Algarve, Alentejo, Beira Baixa and Ribatejo varies from region to region.

Chicken soup

Very popular soup and Portugal (and also in Brazil), the chicken soup in Portugal takes eggs and rice (or pasta). This soup is of Asian origin.

Cone cutter

This canja (or soup of conquilhas) is typical of the Algarve and can also be made with clams or linguine.

Soup of rubble

Traditional Soup from the West region, the soup of rubbish is quite rich and it takes butter beans, pumpkin, potatoes, kale, spices and rice (or pasta, according to taste).

Belly soup with goat cheese

This is a soup that comes from the Alentejo. Light soup, much appreciated by the taste of the beldroegas and the goat's cheese.

Beira soup

This typical Beira Alta soup is a complete meal. Prepared with turnip greens, cabbage, ham and corn flour.