Wines of Portugal

Wines and the Gastronomy and the Cuisine of Portugal - Wine is one of the essential items of the Portuguese cuisine.

Guide to Portugal's Gastronomy

Portuguese Wines and Gastronomy © Ari Oliveira

Portuguese Wines and Gastronomy

Portuguese wines, iconic products of the country, are also its main ambassadors. Red, rosé, white and liqueur. Some are unmistakably associated with the image of the country. Port wine, Vinho Verde, Moscatel, Madeira wine and Dão.

Portuguese cuisine is based on five icons: fish, cataplana, Port wine, cream pastries (or Pastéis de Belém) and the skill of its chefs. Of great importance for the Portuguese cuisine and gastronomy, however, some emblematic products complete the diversity and variety of this tasty cuisine.

Port wine

This famous liqueur wine is produced exclusively in the Demarcated Region of Douro, in the north of the country, following natural and manufacturing conditions that are peculiar to it. Portugal's most famous and best-known wine, Port wine surprises by the diversity of flavors, aromas, colors and sweetness. As for aging, Port Wine can be Ruby Style (Ruby, Reserva, Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) and Vintage) or Tawny Style (Tawny, Tawny Reserve, Tawny + age, up to 40 years old).

Green Wine

Between the Minho and Douro rivers, the Vinhos Verdes (Green Wines) (DOC) vineyards extend over 34,000 ha, in the northwest region of Portugal (the Minho). In its traditional form, many vineyards rely on trees, such as oaks and plantains, among others. For decades, green wine was the most representative wine of all Portuguese wines.

Madeira wine

Wine of great prestige throughout the world, the liqueous Madeira Wine (or simply Madeira Wine) has crossed seas already since the time of the Discoveries. Besides a lot of history, the prestige of the Madeira lasts until the present day. See continuation

Bairrada, Bucelas, Carcavelos, Palmela

But Portugal has many more wines to discover! There are 30 wines classified with PDO - (Denomination of Origin Protected). That is, a beautiful palette of flavors and bouquets. See more: Wines of Portugal.