Specialties of the Gastronomy and the Cuisine of Portugal - There are many and varied dishes typical of the gastronomy of Portugal: made with cod, sardines, lamprey, seafood, olive oil, wines, cheeses and other typical products. See below some of the most famous specialties of Portuguese cuisine.

Guide to Portugal's Gastronomy

Codfish specialty of the Portuguese Gastronomy © Ari Oliveira

Specialties Gastronomy of Portugal

Essential influence of the sea, with its varied products. Diverse cultural influences. All contribute to enrich the gastronomic practice and experience in Portugal. From popular "appetizers" to gourmet cuisine proposals.

Regional Gastronomy

Although small, Portugal presents, fortunately for us astronomers, a large, rich and varied cuisine.

Lisbon Specialties

In Lisbon, do not forget to taste some of these delights:

Specialties of the Center

The iconic products of Serra da Estrela and Beiras, among which we highlight the cheeses, the curd cheese, the kid and the lamb, to mention only some of the best known. The gastronomy of the Center Region appeals to the most demanding palates.

Specialties from Minho

Impossible to speak of Minho without reference to the famous Green Broth. Other famous specialties are:

Northern Specialties

Specialties of Alentejo

Land of good table, in the Alentejo the visitor can not fail to appreciate the following specialties:

Algarve Specialties

From the Costa Vicentina to the Guadiana, there are many specialties to try in the Algarve, land par excellence of Mediterranean cuisine.