Meats in the Gastronomy and the Cuisine of Portugal - Meat in the Cuisine of Portugal - Ox, pork, sheep, lamb and goat are the main meats used in Portuguese cuisine. The pig, in particular, is the source of many products of the local gastronomy, in addition to the meat itself, especially sausages. Other game meats (wild boar) go into typical dishes.

Guide to Portugal's Gastronomy

Boi Barrosão specialty of the Portuguese Gastronomy © / Illustration

Boi Barroso

The beef from the barred ox, from the Planalto Barrosão in Montalegre (northern Portugal), is one of the examples of the country's appreciated beef. This meat is classified PDO (Denomination of Protected Origin), since it comes exclusively from oxen of the barrosan breed. Having expanded throughout the Barroso Plateau, the Barrosan race, however, originates from Minho.

Lamb and kid

Lamb and lamb steaks are also very much appreciated. In the base of some of the best specialties of the Center region, we mention lamb of the Beira (igp), lamb Serra da Estrela (dop), goat of the border (igp) and calf of Lafões (igp).

Lamb meat

In addition to goat's meat, the lamb (and pork) meat and its various products are smoked in the traditional way, above the ovens and stoves of the kitchens, in the field.

Cuisine of the Center

Among the iconic products of Serra da Estrela and Beiras, the goat and the lamb stand out, to mention only some of the best known. The gastronomy of the Center Region appeals to the most demanding palates.

Pig and Sarrabulho

Traditional dish of the North, the sarrabulho is among the delicacies that stand out most in this regional cuisine, for its authenticity. Pork, pork blood, sausages, beef and enough bread to give consistency to the dish. More the weather.

Tripas do Porto

When talking about Porto, it is almost impossible not to mention some traditional dishes, among which the famous Tripas in Porto's fashion stand out, a dish that gives its name to the inhabitants of the city - Tripeiros - those who eat guts.

Green soup

"The green broth is always present in the menus of Porto and the Minhota region. This broth of potatoes and green cabbage of broad leaf finely cut and watered with a strand of olive oil is referenced in several books by Camilo Castelo Branco." This iconic specialty carries sausages.

The Poultry

Roosters and chickens enter into the elaboration of several dishes, among which the chicken to cabidela. Eggs are widely used in the delicious minhota sweets.