Center Cuisine

Gastronomy and Cuisine of the Center Region - Gastronomy of the Central Portugal Region - Bacalhau, chanfana, sardinhas, olive oil, wines, the famous Serra da Estrela Cheese and other delicacies of Central Portugal cuisine.

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Central Portugal's Gastronomy Codfish Specialty © Images Of Portugal

Beiras - A land of good food and good agricultural products, the Central Region of Portugal, whose territory includes Beiras (Beira Alta, Beira Baixa and Beira Litoral), is situated north of Lisbon.

Cuisine of the Center

The iconic products of Serra da Estrela and Beiras, among which we highlight the cheeses, the curd cheese, the kid and the lamb, to mention only some of the best known. The gastronomy of the Center Region appeals to the most demanding palates.

Serra da Estrela

Gastronomy of Beira Alta - Land of good food and some iconic products and specialties, such as the Serra da Estrela Cheese and the famous Caldos Verdes, the old province of Beira Alta, Central Region, is a renowned destination from the point of view of gastronomy . From Viseu to Guarda, the good tables enchant wine lovers and typical specialties such as the famous kid roasted in the oven.


Typical dish of the region of Coimbra (Penacova, Mirando do Corvo and Vila Nova de Poiares), the chanfana is made with old goat (or lamb) meat, sheep's meat and pork. Following tradition, the chanfana is cooked in a black clay pot.

Serra da Estrela cheese

In addition to the iconic specialty of the region, appreciated throughout the country, such as the Serra da Estrela Cheese, Requeijão Serra da Estrela is also another Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product.

Borrego, Kid and Veal

In the base of some of the best specialties of the region, we mention lamb of the border (igp), lamb Serra da Estrela (dop), goat of the border (igp), the oils of the interior border (dop), the calf of Lafões ), Serra da Estrela cheese (dop), Serra da Estrela cheese (dop), Serra da Estrela old cheese (dop), the apple of the high border (igp).

Green soup

The green broth, whose origin is also shared with Minho, is another specialty of Beira Alta.